You're Sleeping on a Bad Mattress: 9 Obvious Signs and Symptoms!

by Viola Sun on Dec 29, 2022

You're Sleeping on a Bad Mattress: 9 Obvious Signs and Symptoms!

What happens when you don't get a good night's rest, determine the source of your sleep pressure and find out it's your mattress after ruling out other factors. It is impossible to determine the source of your sleep stress, whether it is the snoring of the person sleeping next to you or your mattress. Some are obvious and can be directly observed, and others can only be felt.

If you have the following nine conditions, it may indicate that your mattress needs to be replaced.

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Several symptoms

1. When you wake up feeling tired

If you wake up every day feeling drained and not getting enough rest. It feels like you haven't slept when you've obviously had a night's rest. Then no matter how many hours you have, you may need a better night's rest. The biggest reason may be because you slept in a bed that is not comfortable. You can first rule out the following causes.

  • Diet -Poor eating habits can lead to stomach upset, flatulence, and other digestive problems. It can affect your nighttime sleep. Eating too late in the day and eating overly greasy and spicy foods are all bad eating habits.
  • Exercise -Proper exercise can help us fall asleep quickly and get a good night's rest. But lack of exercise or excessive exercise can affect normal sleep.
  • Other bad bedtime behavior -If you are allergic to caffeine, it is recommended that you do not consume beverages such as coffee or tea after 4 pm because it can greatly affect your sleep. There are other over-stimulating activities, such as drinking alcohol, that can lead to poor sleep quality.

2. Difficulty falling asleep

Suppose you are often plagued by insomnia and have tried all the ways to help you sleep before bed. It also reduced the time spent looking at electronic screens before bedtime. No matter what method can not get you to sleep, your mattress is the problem.

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3. Super long-lasting mattresses

Suppose your mattress has been used for more than 7 years or even a dozen years. Then you can be sure that the mattress has exceeded the best use of time. Long-time use will make the mattress age, spring, and foam layer lose elasticity. The original mattress for you, due to aging, can no longer provide you with an excellent sleep experience.

Cleaning measures:

  • Clean your bedding regularly.
  • Use a mattress or protector.
  • Rotate your mattress regularly.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on the same bed as your pet, though your pet is cute.
  • Support your mattress with a box spring.
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4. Sleeping uncomfortably every day

Suppose you wake up for several days in a row feeling pain in your neck and back. Rule out any physical illness you may have. The cause of your discomfort is. Now the mattress hardness has been, and your sleep habits do not match. Hard or too soft cannot provide the best sleep experience for your body.

Here is our guide for you to relief your back pain using hybrid mattress correctly:

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5. The mattress looks and feels uneven when lying down

The deformation of the mattress can be observed with the naked eye. You need to remove the other supplies on the mattress and place them in a horizontal position to observe. Suppose the mattress has a significant dip. Or during the night's sleep, you can feel the mattress is not flat. Then it means that your mattress has been deformed. It needs to be replaced.

6. Hearing a strange noise from the mattress

When you sleep and do not feel any discomfort. But you can hear the mattress squeak when you are still or over. Then it means that your bed frame has lost tension spring problem.

7. Overheating sleep experience

If you start waking up frequently during the night because of sweating and heat, this may indicate that your mattress can no longer discharge the heat and moisture produced by your body during sleep well. An inappropriate temperature can prevent you from sleeping at night.

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8. Poor support

When you sit on the edge of the bed to find that the edge of the mattress is no longer enough to provide adequate support, other parts of the mattress are aging in support accordingly.

The additional support of each area of the mattress is to provide a stable base for the body's core. And to keep the spine in the same plane. Loss of elasticity of the spring and memory foam can no longer provide you with a comfortable sleep experience at night.

9. Allergen buildup, dust mites

Mattresses used too long are a good place for allergens to build up. Pet dander, mold, bacteria, and other allergens from daily life slowly build up in the mattress. This causes you to induce allergy symptoms such as rhinitis while you sleep. If you have allergies, it is recommended that you choose a new mattress with an anti-insect and mite effect.

The Suilong Sunrise 10" hybrid mattress has a washable antibacterial and deodorizing outer cover. It is ideal for users who suffer from allergies as it removes ticks and other pests.

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Effects of sleep deprivation

Sleep is a vital part of the body's repair and mental recovery. A night of quality sleep will give us a great sense of well-beingand ensure the health of the body if you are experiencing sleep deprivation or low-quality sleep as the number increases. It will certainly bring you physical problems and affect your mental state simultaneously.

Chronic sleep deprivation can increase your chances of suffering from heart disease. It can also affect your ability to remember details of your daily life, leading to a gradual decline in memory. It is difficult to concentrate during the day and can lead to depression and anxiety. Worse still, it can even affect your immune system, leading to a decline in immunity.

Get a new mattress

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Buying a new mattress is a challenging decision. A high-quality mattress is generally costly. So you should choose carefully before you buy, considering your sleep preferences and budget. Mattresses with different structures and materials can give you a different sleeping experience.

The quality of mattresses varies from price to price. You can read our other articles for reference.

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